Here are some activities beside our usual work
Year 2019
December, 22nd
Advent at the station 2019
December, 7th + 8th
Winter ride 2019
September, 21st
time trip
August, 5th
Monday at the museum
July, 7th
100 years anniversary
May, 19th
Reopening Waidhofen/Thaya
May, 18th
Opening of the museum
April, 28th
Special ride april 2019
April, 20th
Easter Egg Express 2019
Year 2018
December 22nd
Atmospheric advent
December 8th + 9th
Winter ride
September, 23rd
Young Wine Ride, Time Travel
June, 16th
Performance "Narrenkastl" by mmm at the station Waidhofen
June, 10th
Special Ride June 2018
June, 9th
Special Ride June 2018
March, 31st
Easter Egg Express 2018
Year 2017
December, 9th + 10th
Adventfahrt 2017
September, 23rd
Special ride in September 2017
June, 27th
Special ride in June 2017
May, 11th
Transfer of vehicles in May 2017
April, 15th
Easter egg railway 2017
February, 11th
Photo ride February 2017
Year 2016
December, 10th + 11th
Advent trains 2016
November, 20th
Advent market at Schwarzenau
September 24th
young wine ride and dirndl skirt express
June, 12th
Train station festival 2016
May, 22nd
Old Vehicle Ride 2016
March 26th
Easter Egg Express 2016
Year 2015
December, 5th and 6th
Winter Ride 2015
June, 13th
Brewing City Festival 2015
April, 4th
Easter Egg Express 2014
Year 2014
December, 7th
Advent ride 2014
September, 27th
Young wine ride 2014
August, 16th
Wedding 2014
August, 15th
Special ride to the Herbs festival
June, 8th
Special ride at Pentecost
Year 2013
December, 7th + 8th
St Nicholas Rides
October, 6th
Young Wine Ride
September, 13th
Family Museum Day
August, 17th
Summer Steam to Gmuend
August, 15th
Herbs Train
June, 15th
Race against the Maschine
May, 13th
Special Ride in May
March, 30th
Easter Egg Express to Waldhausen
February, 9th + 10th
Special Photo Train
Year 2012
December, 8th + 9th
Christmas Rides
October, 13th
Young Wine Ride
October, 7th
Long night and wine tavern
August, 15th
Special ride to Zwettl
August, 5th
Special ride Kamptal
June, 26th
Buffet car at Sigmundsherberg
June, 9th
Special train to Sigmundsherberg
Year 2011
December, 11th
Special train to Schwarzenau
October, 8th
92.2271 as guest at the Vienna Local Railway
Year 2010
August, 8th
Special train to Martinsberg
June, 6th
Station party
Year 2009
October, 4th
Day of opened door
October, 3rd
Long night of museum
The MLV as a part of the ORF summer tour
Year 2008
October, 4th
Long night of museum
October, 4th
The beer pope as guest at the MLV
Year 2007
October, 6th
Long night of museum
September, 7th
Test train to Grafenschlag
July, 5th
Transfer of wagons from the Montafon to Zwettl
Year 2006
October, 7th
Long night of museum
Septmber, 10th
Station party - 100 Years Zwettl/Martinsberg
Shopping - JW100 and JW 180 come to Zwettl
Year 2005
October, 23rd
Club trip to the Steyrtalbahn
October, 8th
Long night of museum
Course for new locomotive drivers at the Steyrtalbahn
Year 2004
October, 24th
Club trip to Tschechia
October, 9th
Long night of museum
Pentecost action at Zwettl
Year 2003
September, 21st
Long night of museum
Year 2002
Club trip to the narrow Gauge railway
June, 9th
Station party at Zwettl
April, 22nd
Club trip to Strasshof