About us

The local railway club Zwettl, short MLV, was founded in 1988. The club has its head at the boiler house Zwettl, Bahnhofstraße 31, A-3910 Zwettl.

The purpose is to preserve the Zwettl local railway und to organize special rides with historc locomotives. Also we hope to start a little museum.

Beside the restoration work there are also various events organized by the club. They usually take place at the heating house in Zwettl.

Of course, substantial financial resources are necessary to restore our vehicles which are partially over 100 years old. Restoring work is done every Saturday and sometimes during the week. Interested people can come and support the members of the club.

The club is primarily financed by membership fees, but also by aid money, donations and revenues from events. Thus we are very grateful for any support. This could be as an active member at the restoration of a steam locomotive, of an old wagon or of our heating house. Even as a supporting member, you can help in the form of membership dues.

The fees are:

  • Supporting members: 36,- €/year

  • Regular members: 120,- €/year

Our account for your fee or for donations can be reached by IBAN: AT532027200000010918 and BIC: SPZWAT21. As a member you receive information about our activities and arrangements. You also get discounts on each special trip of the MLV. We are looking forward to welcoming you in our club.

Contact address


Museums-Local Railway Club Zwettl

Bahnhofstraße 31
A-3910 Zwettl
E-mail: museum@lokalbahnverein.at

ZVR-Number: 126057296

Mag. Volker Reitgruber (mlv@aon.at)


You have got questions? Please use our contact form!


Directorate of the club


Ing. Karl Wasinger (karl.wasinger@bev.gv.at, phone: +43 676 7354461)


Ing. Thomas Wasinger (t.wasinger@waldviertel-wohnen.at, phone: +43 664 88378967)


DI Peter Schmid (pm.schmid@aon.at)