List of activities 2020 (Flyer, in German only): download here!
List of activities 2020 (List, in German only): download here!


Railway museum

Wed, 07/15/2020, from 16:00

The waiting room at Zwettl station was converted into a small museum. You can see historic shots of the Zwettler Lokalbahn, especially of the vehicles.An overview of the various railway epochs brings memories back to life.
The museum is opened during our working hours (mostly on Saturdays) and during our special rides. Making a date by telephone is also possible. Details here.


Young Wine Ride and „Time Travel“

Sat, 09/19/2020

Young wine ride to Zwettl:
With fresh wine and potatoes with butter we take you with our steam train through the atmospheric autumn landscape from Zwettl to Schwarzenau. Here you can visit the railway museum.

Time Travel:
In the evening we leave Zwettl in the direction of Waldhausen. Our theme for this trip is the 70s. In the stylish ambience of our steam train our DJ presents music from the 70s and 80s. Passengers in "flower-power-ouffit" get 1 original "Zwettler Bierexpress" whipped glass for free.
In the buffet wagon, there's original kettle warmed and Zwettler beer, Rollmops roll and many dishes from the 60s. For the sweet tooth among us, we serve home made cakes. In the baggage car bar there's the bartender mixed Gin Fizz and other drinks from hippie and Co.


Expedition to the Dumpling Land

Sun, 10/11/2020

The dumplings are the focus of this autumnal ride. Additional to the train ride we organized bike tour and a guided Nordic Walking round in the dumpling country. On this journey you can take our train with the 101 year old steam locomotive from Zwettl or Waidhofen. We will also use the freshly restored diesel locomotive 2160.02. Schwarzenau is the starting point for the bike or Nordic Walking Round. There is enough time to get some dumpling an the trip. Your bike goes on the train for free.


Advent Steam Trains

Sat, 12/05/2020 09.20 - Sun, 12/06/2020 16.50

St. Nicholas is also on board and every child gets a little present. Hot spiced punch, Zwettler Beer, home made cakes are served for the grown ups.

Zwettl (09:20) - Schwarzenau (10:10)
Schwarzenau (10:40) - Zwettl (11:32)

Zwettl (13:15) - Waldhausen (13:55)
Waldhausen (14:30) - Zwettl (14:58)

Zwettl (15:45) - Schwarzenau (16:34)
Schwarzenau (17:10) - Zwettl (17:55)

Zwettl (10:00) - Waldhausen (10:40)
Waldhausen (11:20) - Zwettl (11:50)

Zwettl (14:30) - Schwarzenau (15:20)
Schwarzenau (16:00) - Zwettl (16:50)


Advent at the station

Sun, 12/20/2020

Right next to Zwettl station we are organizing a "Advent at the train station".

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