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Our steam locomotive 92.2271 must undergo an internal boiler test by the year 2020 at the latest. Due to several leaking pipes in the boiler we are forced to push up this investigation. For this purpose, all boiler tubes must be removed and the boiler of the locomotive to be inspected by the boiler inspector.
After successful, hopefully positive assessment, a new pipe set consisting of 172 pipes must be ordered and prepared accordingly. Then the pipes are welded or rolled into the boiler. This work may only be done by qualified persons, we will prepare the work and support it as far as possible. The costs for this work still amount to approx. € 40,000, -.
We therefore ask for your financial support, so that we can complete this project as soon as possible and resume our special train operation as soon as possible. Please donate to our account at the Waldviertler Sparkasse Bank AG, according to Museums-Lokalbahnverein Zwettl IBAN AT53 2027 2000 0001 0918, with the intended use Kessel.

We thank you for your donation - Every euro counts! - We keep you up to date on the progress of boiler repair.

Some informations about changing the tubes (YouTube)

The tube wall
The tubes

Animations to show the way of the steam
Preparing to insert the tubes
Expanding and curling the tubes
Cut the tubes

1:40 and 2:05
0:28 to 0:55
from 12:15
whole video
to 1:40

Repairing the cab.




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