Dear Visitors!
On 18.5.2019 we opened the special exhibition on the occasion of the 100th birthday of our steam locomotive. Shown are historic shots as locomotive No. 72 on the Badner Bahn, as factory locomotive 400.01 in one of the steelworks and younger shots with a special train of our club, or also shots of a photo shoot and an international photo contest. Furthermore, there is a wall display case in which models of the locomotive is shown in different eras with trains of different composition. A presentation board tells the moving history of our locomotive, on another panel you can see a construction plan of the entire locomotive. Also exhibited is an original driving rod of a class 92 locomotive and 2 showcases with interesting show pieces. The special exhibition is supplemented by the locomotive itself, this can be seen with the vehicle collection of the club at the club grounds at the boiler house.

Our museum can usually be visited every Saturday from 9:00 to 12:30 and from 14:00 to 17:00 and one day before and on the day of a special trip (our staff are mostly at the boiler house)
The showroom (waiting room in the station) is normally closed. If you want to visit the museum room, an employee will be happy to unlock you and present the collection. The vehicle collection itself is located about 150 m to the north (direction Brunner saw) on the other side of the tracks, at the club grounds near the boiler house.
You are also welcome to make an appointment to visit us. (Ing. Karl Wasinger (, +43 676 7354461) or Ing. Thomas Wasinger (thomas.wasinger@gmx.nett, +43 664 88378967)

Opening hours

Sat, 05/16 09:00

Museum opened - maybe you have to take someone from the garage

Sun, 05/17 06:00

Museum opened - maybe you have to take someone from the garage

For safety reasons it is not allowed to cross the rails without a staff. Please call:
+43 676 7354461 (Ing. Karl Wasinger) or
+43 664 88378967 (Ing. Thomas Wasinger)