Informationen about the replacement of boiler tubes
of our locomotive 92.2271

The necessary tube change and the advanced boiler inspection are done with great commitment to working hours and pre-financing by credit, the first drive with the repaired engine was to the fullest satisfaction. The additional installations such as a new spark filter are doing well.(Bilder hier)

Even if the locomotive is again afloat, the unexpected expenses of around € 40,000 paralyze the work of the club.

We therefore ask for your financial support so that no other urgent projects have to be canceled because of the change of tube and the necessary credit. Please donate to our account at the Waldviertler Sparkasse Bank AG, registered to the Museums- Lokalbahn Verein Zwettl IBAN AT53 2027 2000 0001 0918, with the purpose Kessel.

Thanks a lot - Every euro counts for much !

Donations for the replacement of the boiler tubes

On 15.5.2019 we have got € 17.761,- ,
but we need some € 40.000,- at all.
This is 44% - Date: 15.5.2019

Also the work is in progress: (Pictures here)

Some information on YouTube

a look at the tubes
Some animations
Prepare the tubes
expand the tubes into the pipe wall
cut the tubes

1:40 and 2:05
0:28 to 0:55
from 12:15
whole clip
until 1:40