Diesel locomotives


Diesel locomotive 2160.02


The locomotive of the Jenbacher Werke JW180 V26 was built in 1960. Since its admission in 2018, it serves as a shunting locomotive and also as a towing vehicle for small passenger trains.






Diesel locomotive Deutz V20


Built in 1940, this machine stands out clearly from our other diesel locomotives. A large 6-cylinder engine with compressed air start with only 198 hp drives via coupled axles with a blind shaft to the vehicle.




Diesel locomotive JW 100


The smaller, but older sister of 2160.02 was built in 1954. After a few years in the shunting service she is now in Waldkirchen before to overnight accommodation converted wagons.

  JW 100



Diesel locomotive JW DH 200 B26T


Our newest access. As a replacement for the somewhat too weak JW100, it will do its job after completion like the 2160.02 in shunting operations and before small passenger trains.